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Nothing like 90s nostalgia to get me all sentimental #SailorMoon

Bonfire :)

Ready for my day off :)

Finally made it to part 2 in City of Heavenly Fire! #booklover #summerreading

Probably one of the most beautiful ending songs in an anime series! I love it so much :)

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my posts and even hearts them or even starts following me, I’m glad to know that people take an interest in my thoughts and what I write. Whether you follow my main blog or my book blog: coletrain751books, I want to thank every one of my followers and people who have read my posts. I’m trying to keep both my blogs up-to-date as possible but with work and getting ready for this upcoming school year (I’ve been hired as an RA (resident assistant) for this upcoming school year) it has somewhat hindered my activity but I am trying to my an extensive effort to keep both blogs updated. 

Just some late night reading…already 82 pages in!!

Finally starting this behemoth of a book!! So excited! #CityofHeavenlyFire #TheMortalInstruments #Shadowhunters @cassieclare1

Just some UV Blue and lemonade to relax on this lazy Sunday #adultstatus #summer

Be jealous of my backyard view :) I love sunsets #summer