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This is my hipster look lol #beanie

Ready for the campus safety dinner with my fellow staff 😁😁 #reslife #ra #ralife

So long St. Louis…Hello Owosso!

Ready for the reception to begin!! Congrats again to the bride and groom 😃

Ready for my cousin’s wedding!! Congrats on finding your best friend that you’ll spend forever with 😀👰🎩💑❤️

Yes, I’d like him to-go please

(via ronaldweaseley)

Guess who has a date today? That’s right it’s me! I’m so excited :D

More than halfway done with the first #harrypotter novel! It’s just so good :D

Watching a #AGoofyMovie with my wonderful sister #summer #vacation #cabin :)

Look what book I started today! #HarryPotter #finally lol :D